We can help litigants describe needs and feelings.
We can help litigants invent options for a win-win resolution.
We can help litigants reach a wise agreement.
Conclude Mediation
Larry G. Culver
About our company
We will use our extensive training and experience in mediation and dispute resolution to help you reach a mutually satisfactory settlement.

Conclude Mediation has been providing mediation services since 2003. Mr. Culver has successfully completed training through the Faculty of Law, University of Windsor in Alternative Dispute Resolution. He has, through his Labour Relations’ practice, engaged in countless mediation and arbitration exercises. In addition, he has provided services as a Mediator throughout Southern Ontario on numerous occasions. As a senior insurance counsel, he has also engaged in mediations on behalf of clients in excess of ten years.

Mr. Culver practiced in the Insurance/Litigation field since 1973, acting on behalf of and against various insurance companies, with exposure and experience in property damage and personal injury matters

Primary Tasks
We will help focus on the needs and interests of the participants.
Reducing the obstacles to communication
Maximizing the exploration of alternatives

Addressing the needs of those involved or affected

Work towards resolution of issues


Member of the Hamilton Law Association
Member and Past President of Hamilton Lawyers' Club

Advisor to Law Clerks' Program at
Mohawk College
Member and Past President of Lynwood Hall Children’s Center